Monday, 17 September 2007

Frundsberg details (2)

For those of you who have yet to enjoy the amenities of the Frundsberg Frei Stadt, here is a short description.

The country borders the east bank of the Rhine and from north to south is split into four regions: the Stocwold hills; Flussweih river valley; Pidnem hills and the Sommerland. The Flussweih flows east to west into the Rhine and on it are situated the two main cities, Sonnenbad and Pappenheim.

Pappenheim is the main port and commercial centre of the stadt, with extensive manufacturing facilities. Sonnenbad is the cultural centre where many people from all over the empire and beyond come to take the healing waters and socialise.

The southern slopes of the Stocwold and Pidnem hills are renowned as fruit growing areas and their beverages are well known. In the Pidnem hills are many mineral deposits and also substantial coal deposits. The famous Rachedd valley has given its name to the renowned local cheese.

The Sommerland was originally swampland but years of toil have drained it and turned it into the most fertile areas of the Stadt.

To the north is the Electorate of Glowstein, south the Duchy of Pommaine and to the east the Landgravate of Ishirwelt.

But your main interest is probably not our geography, the Frei Stadt has a reputation for providing high quality military services. These comprise:
  • Provision of all types of military equipment, in particular the foundries of Pappenheim produce a range of cannons, muskets and rifles.
  • Hard wearing uniforms produced from the wool from the sheep of the Stocwold and Pidnem hills
  • Overlooking Sonnenbad is the world famous Kriegsacamedie, where officers can attend various courses to improve their military art. link
  • The Stadt can also provide high professional military units for hire and also acts as agents for a number of generals . (separate posts to follow)

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