Monday, 17 September 2007

Frundsberg Kreigsacademie prospectus

Our courses cover the broad span of military from those beginning their experience in the field of Mars through to the experienced practitioner who wish to learn new skills or to sharpen existing ones.

Typically most courses are run once every three months lasting from one week to three months, The syllabus is construct so that courses follow a gradually progression through the military arts

Here is a sample of courses:

Basic Military Skills for Gentlemen - learn all the appropriate terms used in the profession so you know the difference between a bastard and a bastion.

Basic Command Skills - how to command an infantry company through all the various tactical evolutions (nicknamed by students "how to get the troops to perform without paying the sargeant")

Generalship course - suitable for aspiring generals or heirs-apparent - covers the politico/strategic factors involved in leading nations or

Amphibious Landings - a short one week course examining the perils of landing on a hostile shore (and enemies might be present as well) - General Deloup usually particpates and relates his own personal experience in these operations in the new world.

Our director of studies is the renowned Herr Dr Griffin O'Patrick.

One to one tutition or locally organised course can be provided as required, although in general students gain considerably from sharing ideas with students from other backgrounds.

The Kriegsacademie has a wide range of facilities and bed-linen is changed at least once a week. The academie is supported in its training by units of the Frundsberg army and various generals for whom the Frei Stadt acts as agent.

We also have at outreach programme organised by Frau Verkehr that will teach students the necessary social skills that they may be lacking.

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