Monday, 23 April 2012

Meeting the Baron (3)

“Thank you Ilse” responded Baron Wilhelm to her detailed explanation of her trips to Pommaine “I must admit I was worried when your father initially suggested your name for this assignment. After all it is not uncommon for people to suggest their relatives as suitable for a mission, whether they are competent or not!”

 “However, I see in your case that your father has suggested the right candidate, despite your young age you are quite a capable spy, but as your father explained, you need to learn the airs and graces of a lady”

 “What!” exclaimed Ilse to be silenced by a raised finger from the Baron.

 “And as your father has already explained you are to attend Frau Wurmser’s Academy, which will be at my expense”

 “But!” again a slightly raised finger.

 “You already know that there are Prussian agents in Pommaine but you are probably not aware that the trail leads to Frau Wurmser’s Academy.   So we need someone inside to find out what is happening and where this information goes next. Are you prepared to take on this mission?”

 “Of course!” responded Ilse.