Monday, 26 September 2011

Preparations for war

Discussions on the latest intelligence between Major Van Barner and Baron Von Altfeld were coming to and end.

“Well Major, what do you think of our preparations for war?” asked Baron Wilhelm.

“The preparations seem to be progressing well sir, General Wurst seems to have a firm grip on the situation and the attachment of the Battenberg Regiment will be useful”

“Yes, I’m glad the Count decided to loan us the regiment until the end of hostilities, I’m sure he’s got some arrangement with the Emperor. But tell me was my letter of introduction enough to get your daughter into Frau Wurmser’s academy?”

“Yes sir, very helpful”

“You do know I have my doubts about some of the families that attend the academy”

“As do I sir, and that is why I think Ilse might be able to discover something”

”Hmm, I trust your judgement, but will a mere slip of a girl suffice?”

“It’s exactly that, it means she won’t be noticed”

“And she’s happy doing this job?”

“It runs in the family sir.”

“Will she be starting straight away?”

“When the new term starts, sir”

Friday, 23 September 2011


“So Klinkell, everything seems to be in order” asked Count Vladislav, having noted his subordinates slight hesitance “was there anything else”

“Well sir there is still the matter of the boy Albert”

“Yes, just flog him thoroughly and sent him on his way. No wait, he might still be of use, is Pomfrit’s company still short of a drummer?”

“Yes sir”

“Not anymore, just make sure he is not allowed to move anywhere without his drum, it's better than a ball and chain and not so obvious. He could be useful if this Juli turns up again”

“Very good sir”

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Off again!

“Sorry Sir, but Ilse’s slipped off again” explained Hans “I know you asked me to keep a special eye out, but somehow she disappeared?”

“It’s OK Hans, she did leave a note, apparently she felt that the evidence she had gathered did not fully explain the change in succession and she felt that she had to find out what it was!"

"An admirable or stupid action I can’t say, but this will be her last summer of freedom”

“Should I try and track her sir?”

"No Hans, I’m sure that you taught her all your tricks so you won’t be able to follow her. Besides I need you and the Aufklarungskorps to gather information on the status of Pommaine forces as it seems that war is imminent. Oh, and she did promise to be back in time for the new term at Frau Wurmser’s academy.

Friday, 16 September 2011

Furore in Vienna (2)

The Field Marshall paused for a moment as his aide a Colonel of Cuirassiers whispered in his ear. “Noble sirs, it appears that this young gentleman has an idea and pointed to the cadet behind the Colonel, now please tell us your idea”

Although he looked hesitant the cadet confidently stated “Sirs, I happened to have noted that there has been a minor frontier dispute between Kernow and Niersteiner Domtal and that they have both appealed to the Emperor to arbitrate in the issue. Of course, it is so minor, that normally….”

The Field Marshall cut in “Excellent thought young fellow, I understand your proposal and I endorse it fully. Sires, Niersteiner Domtal lies on the southern border of Pommaine and we could send a force there to assist an arbiter in enforcing his decision on the dispute. Somehow I feel that your idea was that the force should be sufficient to enforce the decision of both the parties.”

“Indeed sir”

“Sires, here we have a solution, a strong force of say 10,000 troops will be sent under General Kalterersee, he has a record in sorting out these disputes, and is well suited to managing the mission.”

As there was a murmur of agreement, the Emperor said “So it’s agreed, I just have two requirements, firstly that the force contains some of the unemployed Grenz to prevent them stirring up trouble with the Turks. Secondly this young fellow” waving his hand at the cadet.

“Radetzky, sir”

“should be found a suitable position.”

The colonel responded “I have a lieutenancy in my regiment that is available”

“Excellent” responded the Field Marshall “you’ll go far young fellow”

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Furore in Vienna (1)

Following the revelations of the “secret” Frundsberg report the members of the Imperial council are in uproar.

“Why wasn’t this discovered earlier?”

“This is consistent with what our agents have already seen in Prussia and Alsace

“Why did we get this information from a minor state, aren’t our agents any use?”

“The Prussians have always planned for this, ever since they stole Silesia

“It’s the Alsatians; it’s another chance for them to establish a foothold across the Rhine

Nobles, at this time we should not consider the causes of our current situation, but rather our actions” calmly stated the Emperor.

“Yes, invade Pommaine forthwith” shouted one member.

“No, invade Prussia

“Or Alsace

“Noble sirs, this is only intelligence not proven fact, we cannot take any definite action until there is clear evidence of a breach of Imperial protocol, without creating grave international consequences” stated the Reich chancellor

“The French will intervene again”

“But the French are bankrupt following the American war” stated the Finance Minister

“Field Marshall what are your views?” asked the Emperor

“Well sire, it’s too far from our territories to act quickly, so we need to find a means of getting a force close without causing an incident by their presence.”