Friday, 26 October 2012

Grand Parades

The Glowstein Electoral Grenadiers looked splendid as they passed by the saluting platform in Pappenheim, but their impression was surpassed by the Horse Guards who followed the open coach with General Bludnitz of Glowstein waving to the crowds. Following the parade the troops headed south to join their compatriots on the Pommaine border awaiting the order to attack.

Meanwhile to the south the Prussian army had been assembled and the message from their King was read out to the troops, the officers had had separate briefings the previous evening. Their orders stated that they were assisting a friendly state threatened by a lackey of the Emperor and that any looting or disorder would be severely dealt with.

Further south the Austrian forces were conducting a very similar event, parading past the “Grand-Duke” and the officers pledging to restore him to his throne.

Meanwhile while across the Rhine, the Alsatian troops seemed quiet and stunned when told they would be shipped down river to Pommaine while the Rhine was at its usual spring high.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012


Slight cough, then somewhat louder.


The head began to move.


"Oh Margrave, I must have dozed off, it's the warm weather you know, and unfortunately combined with the excellent wine you brought it put me to sleep"

Rising from his chair "Now remind me where I was at while I get some coffee"

"Well Baron, you were explaining about the War of the Pommaine Succession and how you came to employ Ilse Von Barner as a spy".

"Right, just give me a moment and I'll resume"