Sunday, 17 June 2007

Frundsberg - details (1)

Although a fictitious state, I gradually filled up the history of Frundsberg.

Frundsberg was originally associated with the Hanseatic states and was an Imperial free town. It's prosperity was based on trade and manufacturing. Once the Frei Stadt was established the council of elected ministers acted as it's government. However the system of government was unusual as the number of votes per person was based an individuals payments to the Frei Stadt. Income for the Frei Stadt was derived from two main sources, tolls on goods and services provided by the city and the contributions by merchants and nobles.

Frundsberg is located on the banks of the river Rhine with good access to the sea and also into Central Europe and positioned on a natural communications hub.

During the TYW Frundsberg and its surroundings were spared the deprivations of much of Germany by the policy of the council to pay a contribution to whoever seemed threatening at the time and also enter into a treaty to provide them with goods and services. Of course, the businessmen of Frundsberg ensure that the margins on the business covered the cost of the contribution. The income stream was helped by the brothels and churches providing a mutually profit out of providing pleasure and absolution.


tidders said...


welcome to 18C state blogland, looking forward to reading more on your country and its army

I like the buildings shown in your previous posts.


Stokes Schwartz said...

I agree! Welcome, and I'm looking forward to reading/seeing more about Frundsberg Frei Stadt.

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Stokes Schwartz

abdul666 said...

Welcome to mythistorical 18° cent.
Original setting!
Looking forward for more!
Are the uniforms historical or original?

Fitz-Badger said...

Agreed. And welcome!
Look forward to seing more about Frundsberg and its soldiers.
Seems like just the sort of nation to join the rest of us free states trying to maintain peace and prosperity (by armed might employed in self-defense if necessary) in the midst of the impending war between the supporters of the Emperor and the Elector.

Bluebear Jeff said...

Allow me to also offer my hearty welcome and good wishes to you.

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MurdocK said...

Super stuff!

Great that those 3 decades of neglect have not caused any animosity from your troops!

But then have you put them into any action on the field of mars recently?

abdul666 said...


What about joining the 'Emperor vs Elector' campaign blog? It does not imply any heavy duty -actually some members are totally 'dormant'- but the blog would provide a meeting point and an exhaustive listing of all blogs & webpages devoted to fictitious Lace Wars (from Malburians to unhistorical Napoleonics, actually) countries and armies: and yours fully deserve to appear there.