Wednesday, 12 December 2007


From the diaries of Captain Hoehmann.

Unless you have experienced the violence of a storm at sea can you imagine our relief as the storm subsided and the sun emerged from behind its veil of clouds. Everyone's spirits lifted, and I was amazed to find that most of the ships in the convoy were still present, although widely scattered.

The French crew of our ship still will not explain where we are, but the sight of land in the distance is a welcome sight and I understand that it may be our destination. However there are still strong winds and the coast looks quite formidable.

A message has just been passed to our ship and the light battalion together with the jaegers have been instructed to land at a small cove and capture a coastal battery covering a harbour where the main body will land.

The swell is quite substantial and the troops are quite terrified at the thought of boarding the boats. Luckily Major Bergstein has arranged for an issue of schnapps, which should calm the men's nerves.

(note for the reader Captain Hoehmann of the Jaegers is a son of General Hoehmann and commands a company of the light battalion)


abdul666 said...

Great to read from 'Tricorned' Frundsberg again!

Best wishes,

Frankfurter said...

Yes, Quite invigorating!
Pictues? Even one of those cheap throw away flash cameras??
At least that's what I hear after all my battle reports ...