Monday, 24 November 2008

More cavalry for Italy

The Frundsberg Frei Stadt is pleased to announce the formation of a light dragoon regiment to serve with the KuK forces in Northern Italy. Here they are parading with the Austrian Lichtenstein Hussars prior to crossing the alps

The regiment was formed from detachment of the 3rd cavalry regiment, hence the green facings. Various items of equipment were sourced from stocks of Hanoverian army surplus, hence the British style light dragoon helmet.


ColCampbell50 said...

Very nice looking unit. It should help with the KuK reconaissance activities.


Frankfurter said...

nice work,
but I can't resist asking,
you're putting together a kooky (KuK)army?
PS, why aren't the Italeri figures still available?

Fitz-Badger said...

Splendid cavalry!

andygamer said...

Hat has new 1806 Prussian dragoons that might fit in with your plans.
Here's the link to the Plastic Soldier Review for them:

Fire at Will said...

Andy, yes I've seen the Hat 1806 Prussian dragoons and they are very tempting, but my intention with the armies was to /reuse existing figures and use up various bits I had lying around. I feel that if I buy the prussians I will end up with a complete 1806Prussian army and I've already a very large 1813-1815 one already.


andygamer said...

Using up odds and ends is a good idea too, Will. Especially with very convertible plastic figures.