Friday, 6 February 2009

Frundsbergers strike the first blow in Italy

Yesterday the Frundsberg cavalry are artillery lead the Austrian forces to victory in the battle of Cochina. The light cavalry moving swiftly followed by the heavy cavalry swept around the village of Cochina and routed the French hussars opposing them. This put the whole French advance out of gear. The Cavalry concentrated on the French main body, which allowed the French Light Infantry to occupy part of Cochina. Further successes followed for the cavalry, including the rout of more French Light cavalry an artillery battery and an infantry battalion. However exhaustion and French weight of numbers eventually forced the Frundsbergers to rapidly fall fall behind Cochina.

The effect of this action was the massive delay caused to the French main body and thereby enabling overwhelming numbers of Austrian infantry to capture Cochina and establish an unassailable hold on the village.

The Frundsberg Artillery played it's part by occupying a commanding hill and providing long range artillery support to the forces attacking Cochina and breaking up French attacks.



Capt Bill said...

A rousing recount of the battle. Thanks!

Fire at Will said...

Capt Bill, you should have been there, a disaster for the French, who I commanded.