Monday, 14 December 2009

New Dragoons requested

A new request arrives in the Freistadt, which initially causes some confusion in the Stadtrat.

"Colonel Homburg, graciously requests the assistance of the Freistadt in the raising of a regiment of Dragoons for the service of Hesse Kassel"

"What support those mercenaries in Hesse Kassel!!"

"An outrage"

"They are up to their usual tricks"

"Gentlemen can I clarify the request, we do know the officer concerned and he was Captain Homburg of the Stocwold Horse Regiment before he was offered a position by Hesse Kassel with promotion to Major, a position for which he was well qualified but we were unable to offer at the time"

"It's still Hesse-Kassel up to its tricks and just using this man as cover"

"Gentlemen Colonel Homburg is certainly intelligent enough to see through any attempted tricks and to get involved would be counter to his calvinist upbringing"

"There's more too it than meets the eye, I'm sure of it"

"The dragoons are to be part of the Hessian contribution to the Reicharmee to help relieve Vienna and defeat the Ottomans.

"So the Hessians will just get us to do the work so that they can claim the credit"

"Colonel Homburg has noted that possibility and suggested that we equip the unit with Frundsberg uniforms"

"Seems as though this fellow is being straight with us"

"I think so gentlemen, as his promotion is to Colonel in command of this regiment and he knows that his career will be in ruins if he uses the gutter sweepings that are all that remain in Hesse after the formation of the rest of the contingent"

"It certainly seems worth considering"

"Yes, and the price is quite reasonable"

"Why not indeed"

Gentlemen shall I ask the muster-master to see if this request is feasible within our current resources and the time available?"

Chorus of "Ja"


Frankfurter said...

Ottomans near Vienna?
tell us more!

Frankfurter said...

This whole thing would look good on the Osterreich uber alles blog too, I think

abdul666 said...

Frundsberg Dragoons? Looking forward to discover them: I read about the two regiments of Reiters, know the glorious Lowenstein Kuirassiers, but the only Dragoons from the Frei Stadt we enjoyed to discover so far are, I believe, of Napoleonic times?
Hope the regiment will indeed be raised, thus.