Monday, 2 August 2010

Reveries (2)

What happened to the other characters?

Colonel Dwizok or Oncle Piotr as he was known to young Friedrich had survived the wars only to die in an uprising against the Russian occupation.

Lieutenant Blanc Returned to France and was employed in the ministry of war up until the Peace of Amiens when he retired and opened a restaurant that has done well ever since.

On repatriation Captain Twyth returned to the hussars, rising to command of his regiment and then commanding a brigade. He was killed in Russia leading his cuirassiers at Borodino.

Baron Wilhelm fled to Austria after the French finally occupied the Frei Stadt. After the Austrian defeat in 1809 he moved to Prussia, helped with raising a Frundsberg Freikops in 1813 and then returned in 1814. He then settled into retirement at his manor at Altfeld just outside Sonnenbad.

Franz Ferdinand was demoted back to head of the serving staff with the return of the Pommaine nobility but was appointed burgermeister by the new Westphalian regime and somehow kept his position after the provinces moved into Prussian control.

As for the glorious volunteer Freihussaren and the others, who can say?


Bluebear Jeff said...

I enjoyed the story. Thanks.

-- Jeff

David said...

So did I. Thanks too.



Frankfurter said...

Alas, so Twyth and his sweetheart didn't get their happy afters ...
enjoyed the pictures of the battles a lot too!

Jiminho said...

I've just come back from an extended trip to read the end of the story. Many thanks, it was a very entertaining tale to follow. I looked forward greatly to the new postings and the campaign progress throughout the winter spring and summer. Many thanks for the effort and imagination!