Saturday, 11 June 2011

The road to Minenhafen

Making her way by back lanes and across fields when necessary Juli paralleled the road to Minenhafen, there were a couple of occasions when she saw hussars in the distance, and was glad she had kept of the main highways.

By evening she felt that she must be about half way so she finished the last of her food and although exhausted she burrowed into a haystack to provide a safe shelter for the night.

The next morning Juli considered her position and although she had plenty of money provided by Herr Bohler it was more than any farm lad would ever carry. She then hide most of the cash in the seams of her jacket before continuing.

Juli continued on her way but my midday she was hungry and decided she had to get food in the next village. She wasn’t sure if it was her hunger, but she quickly found the local baker and asked for a quarter loaf. She then added “Do you have anything to go with it?”

“Well how much have money have you got?”

Juli pulled out a 10 groschen coin

Well I could give you a small amount of cheese”

At that moment the baker’s wife appeared, “Now what are you up to sonny?”

“I’m off to Minenhafen, I been told that there is work on the river, there’s no work for me on the farm”

“And, how much more money have you got?”

Juli pulled out a second 10 groschen coin and showed it.

“Well that’s not going to get you very far. Ernst cut him a bigger piece of cheese and I’ll get a couple of last years apples".

Thanking the baker and his wife profusely Juli left promising to stop if he passed that way again.

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