Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Meeting the Baron (2)

“Oh, and what’s that mark on your arm?” asked the Baron

“It’s a tattoo” answered Ilse caught unawares

Ilse father butted in “She did it to hide a scar from when she broke her arm”

“Yes, but it’s a bird, may I suggest it might even be a sparrow” replied the Baron smirking.

Ilse looked at him and then her father who had a broad smile on his face and then demanded “Right who’s going to explain what’s going on!”

Ilse’s father nodded to the Baron, who responded “Your father claimed that one of his most useful agents in Pommaine was Sparrow, who provided some very useful information. So how did he convince you to go”

“He didn’t, I had read the reports and saw the frustration at how little could be discovered so I decided I could try it myself, after all I thought that if I could break into my fathers study with its locks and other safeguards I could do the same in the palace in Traunsberg”

Ilse then went on to explain the events of both her trips to Pommaine.


PatrickW said...

Had my head down with my own writing so I missed this when you posted last week. Still glad to see the intrigue continue.

Keep up the good writing!

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