Wednesday, 23 January 2008

On the march to Kinsale

From the diaries of Captain Hoehmann.

We have started our advance on Kinsale. Our order of march is: firstly a few officers, who have managed to find mounts out in front scouting the ground; followed by a company of the light battalion; after a gap there is the Jaegers and my company from the light battalion; behind us is the 1st Regiment led by Colonel Stummel, then a collection of wagons we have collected carrying some supplies and finally the 2nd regiment following up and covering the rear. The other two light companies are covering the flanks of the advance.

Our first night was spent close to the coast and we could still communicate with the French fleet by signalling to a frigate lying close to the shore. The next day our road led inland away from the coast so we made our final signals to the fleet. Hopefully Admiral Dorschner will turn up at Kinsale once we have captured it. According to General Hoehmann we have been given sealed instructions on what action to take if this eventuallity should come to pass.

Late afternoon on the second day our scouts returned reporting the redcoats are occupying a position a few leagues hence blocking the road to our destination. They also reprot that there is no obvious detour so we will have to fight our way through. They do not appear to be as strong as us, but they are occupying a defile behind a ford, and they have both cavalry and artillery support.

Given the distance still to travel General Hoehmann has decided to wait until first light before moving out and attacking the British so we will camp in our current position for the night.

I have posted the picquets and wait for what the morrow brings..........


Bluebear Jeff said...

And I wait to read more of this adventure.

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What are the odds?

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