Saturday, 26 January 2008

Resisting the Invaders

To Lady Olivia Omagh

I've had several frustrating days, Brigadier Digby-Smythe hasn't a clue about how to tackle the invasion. He has had us marching in all directions only to find the Frenchies marching in exactly the direction I predicted, towards Kinsale. Luckily I had forewarned the militia that this might happen and fortunately they have mustered in sufficient time and numbers to occupy an advantageous position, which should block the enemies advance.

I have great faith in my men, they have been steadfast, especially given their losses in the fighting at Haughy Point. I hope that the government will make provision for those crippled or widowed in both that and the forthcoming action. I just wish our financial position would make it possible to do something ourselves rather than depend on the whim of a Tory government.

Our troops are deployed where the road to Kinsale fords a river and then passes between woodland. We have deployed two regiments and a battery of the Kinsale Volunteer Bombardiers covering the ford, flanked by two regiments hidden in the woods to either side. We are backed up by a squadron of the Cork Yeomanry, so we are confident of resisting the French, but it will be difficult to defeat them in open ground.

I shall write as soon as I have further news.

Your loving husband

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abdul666 said...


I'm quite certain you don't have 'accurately' painted minis for the Fencibles, the Volunteer Bombardiers and the Yeomanry. But, to help us to 'visualize' this exciting action, what about a (short) description of their uniforms?

Compliments and cheers,