Sunday, 21 September 2008

All quiet - or was it

(xxx-1683) Report from Colonel Sturm to the Stadtrat

Sirs, I regret that to the Ottoman activity and other problems it has been difficult to communicate over the last few weeks. Our forces have twice marched out to drive off the Ottoman forces threaten our camp and supply lines.

I regret to inform you that during the first of these engagements the whole of our infantry was routed by the Ottomans, only the coming of nightfall and the staunch resistance of our cavalry prevented a complete disaster.

On the second occasion we managed to hold our positions, although one of the Austrian regiments was routed by a horde of Ottoman light horse when they mis-timed their volley and the horse were in amongst them before they had chance to fix their bayonets.


Just catching up on a succession of games played at the club, while working up the rules. We did try a Might and Reason version just splitting the Austrians into two armies. There were some nice ideas in the rules, but some of the results were just out of keeping for the period so it was ditched.

We then tried a full blown battle using the Ottomans and Austrians, this time back to the SYW modifications I'd used in the previously reported game. It was better, but still didn't quite have the correct fell for the period, the Austrians were too vulnerable, not helped by my deploying them too tightly.

The last game was a re-run using a number of changes I had been pondering for the SYW. It worked a lot better, but as suspected the dice rolling was a bit too variable. ( A complete failure to hit anything was a partial cause of the light horse over-running a formed foot regiment)

I'm getting there but rather slowly.


Capt Bill said...

Welcome back, great report. We tried Might and Reason also, but it didn't work for us either. However, since we remounted several thousand figure we are going to keep the basing...Bill

Anonymous said...

Welcome back from me, too. It seems to be the day for it judging by the return of Lagerburg-Slobbovia as well. Happy news indeed.

Bluebear Jeff said...

Perhaps the rules you used didn't work quite the way you wanted . . . but at least you got to push lead around.

There are lots of different rule sets around. All that you need do is find one that gives you the kind of game you like . . . . and it is lots of fun trying out new sets.

So, sir, go forth and have more fun!

-- Jeff