Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Final Report

“Well gentlemen, it appears that the Duke of Pommaine’s plan is quite simple” explained Von Barner to the selected members of the Frundsberg assembly. “The intention is that the Duke’s youngest son Konrad will become Duke after a period of regency. This of course is subject to Imperial law, as any change to the natural law of succession is subject to the Emperor’s approval. They know that the Emperor is sure to object, as the current heir Karl is well regarded in Imperial circles. So they have arranged two treaties with Prussia and Alsace to ensure that that even if the Emperor objects it will be too late to impose his views by force as troops from both these nations will be firmly in position to prevent any attempt to unseat Konrad without causing a major war”

"But what’s the benefit for Alsace and Prussia?” asked a member.

"Well for Alsace, it is associated with trading concessions on the Rhine. But for Prussia, it’s a chance for the new their King Fredrick William II to assert himself, and both would like to demonstrate that the Emperor’s influence is waning.” Explained Von Barner. “It also appears that following the bad treatment of its ambassador and the treaty with Alsace Glowstein is likely to support any action decreed by the Emperor” said Baron Wilhelm von Altfeld “I have sent a courier with the information gathered so far to the Emperor so he can decide what action to take, but I am sure he will require robust action”

A general murmur of agreement was heard from the assembled members.

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