Sunday, 7 August 2011

Interrogation continued

The maid knocked on the door and entered “it’s Hans sir”

“Well show him in” responded Von Barner

Hans entered the major’s study, “Sir I have bad news..” Then spotting Ilse stopped. “Is it possible to speak to your daughter sir?”

“Of course, continue”

Hans looked again at Ilse and then exclaimed “You rascal, what have you done, everyone has been worried about you!”

“Yes she sneaked back down river” interrupted Von Barner “but what have you heard?”

“Well sir, a courier turned up in Welle, but had lost the message. He was one of the drivers of the Duke Von Danewald’s coach and they were thoroughly searched before being allowed to proceed.

“It was exactly to the letter of the Imperial protocols so the Ambassador’s portable possessions were not searched, but everything else was thoroughly searched and when they found a message their departure was delayed for a day.”

“Interesting, so they are obviously worried about spies”

“Yes and they have both embarrassed and infuriated the Glowstein Ambassador, who according to his servants was getting information from some lad in the palace”

“That would be that worm, Albert” interjected Ilse

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