Saturday, 12 January 2013

Merkovan Cossacks (1)

As they rode back into Bruckewasser, Major Gripple heard how the Cossacks had trekked across Poland and Germany, the only difficult stages were those when they had to cross Prussian territory given their mutual dislike. It appeared that the Hetman was married to one of Count Vladislav’s sisters and had received a request from the Count for assistance.

“Since we didn’t have much to do as the Polish/Turkish border is quiet at the moment I decided to bring some of my men for some sport”

“And how did you come to cross Pommaine?” asked the Major.

“Well it wasn’t our intention, but we ran into a large force of Prussians and had to avoid them. We then ended up somewhere on the hills over there” pointing north."

“Hmm in Frundsberg, didn’t they attack you?”

“No not directly, we had a little bit of trouble at times with riflemen sniping at us and bridges being removed, but we seemed to be able to find a route here”

“Sounds like you were carefully shepherded out of their lands, your force could have been trapped and destroyed in those flat lands.  Ah here we are at the Commanders residence!”

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