Friday, 18 January 2013

Merkovan Cossacks (2)

The meeting with Colonel Von Clemens was quite convivial and the Colonel had immediately arranged for a courier to inform Count Vladislav of the Hetman’s arrival

“ Hopefully he will inform us shortly of your role, it the meantime it would be helpful if you could patrol the Frundsberg border” he explained “we will of course organise sufficient rations for your men. Did you have any questions I could help you with?”

“Well, where exactly is the border?”

“if you look at this map, it runs along the ridgeline, but the road itself, the Altweg, is on the Frundsberg side of the border, in the winter it’s the only dry east-west route”

“And that large hill that rises over the plain, there seems to be something on top of it”

“Yes, we know of it, it is some sort of signalling station used by the Frundsbergers.  I should also warn you of one of the Frundsbergers favourite tricks, which is to lure you into an ambush, their patrols usually fall back past cover, which conceals jaegers backed up by militia”

“Now these militia, do they wear grey uniforms?”

“Yes, unlike the regulars who wear yellow, have you seen any?”

“Yes, I mean I have seen the Militia, but no regulars apart from their cavalry patrols”

“Hmm I wonder where they are?”

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