Monday, 17 September 2007

Frundsberg standing regiments

The Frei Stadt maintains a small standing army that acts as both the local defense force but also to provide the cadres for the regiments loaned to other powers. The loaned regiments are named after their colonel whereas the standing regiments are named by location.

The three standing infantry regiments are named after the major cities of the Frei Stadt where the regiments also have their barracks these are Pappenheim, Sonnenbad and Welle. The coat for all units is basically yellow lined red (turnbacks, collars, etc.) with the seniority and regimental distinction shown by the cuff colour: 1st Pappenheim - red; 2nd Sonnenbad - blue; 3rd Welle - green.

The two horse regiments are quartered in various small towns and villages across the Frei Stadt with the Stocwold regiment in the north and the Pidnem regiment in the south. A Stocwold squadron is quartered in Pappenheim and a Pidnem squadron in Sonnenbad. Uniform colours and facings are similar to the infantry with the Stocwold regiment having red cuffs and the Pidnem with blue.

The artillery corps is based in Pappenheim and a battery is outposted in Sonnenbad, Their uniform is yellow coats lined red with black cuffs for the gunners and grey for the artillery train.

Note: usually when units are loaned to other powers they are uniformed in order of seniority, so Yellow coats lined and faced red is the most commonly seen Frundsberg uniform.

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Bluebear Jeff said...

They sound good. Might I suggest that you find an appropriate template amongst the dozens that have been posted on David's Uniforms blog and then color them in so that we can see them?

Of course, if you already have some painted miniatures that you could post, that would be even better.

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