Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Kuirassier regiment formed


Yesterday in the centre of Pappenheim (the commercial capital of the Freistadt) the recruits for the Lieb-Kuirassiers were assembled to swear an oath of allegiance. Like the Sturm infantry regiment they are formed of cadres from the Frei Stadt's two standing horse regiments plus volunteers. The latter have travelled from all over the Empire enabling the recruiting officers to select the best.

As for equipment, the kuirassier armour was fortunately available due to some contractual disputes with an elector. The Emperor had objected to the supply of the equipment and paid a quiet bribe to ensure that Baron Krupp found some faults with the contract. The equipment was then put into store as verified by the Imperial accountants. Of course the Baron ensured that the deal was actually completed by shipping the required equipment from an associate in the Netherlands.

Although raised as horse regiments both the standing cavalry regiments train with kuirassier equipment whenever it is available. This training also acts as a final test for the traders so they can guarantee the equipment.

The careful observer might note that the emperor seems to have paid twice for the cuirasses, firstly to prevent delivery and then again to raise the regiment. But that's business.


abdul666 said...

Hoping to see them in the flesh,

Bluebear Jeff said...

Yup. Pictures, pictures, we want pictures . . . and your continuing stories, of course.

-- Jeff