Monday, 3 October 2011

Back in enemy territory

When Ilse arrived back in Traunsburg, no one seemed to bother checking the people entering the city, even so, she had entered with a large number of farming folk with their carts on their way to the market.

Keeping an eye open for patrols she made her way to a point close to the safe house she had used before and waited to see if anyone she knew appeared. When Franz arrived she slipped out of hiding and greeted him.

After a second glance Franz responded “I thought you had escaped?”

“Yes, but I need more information”

“But isn’t that dangerous, since they know you?”

“Yes and no, most people know me as a girl and won’t look twice. I need somewhere to hide without risking you or your father”

“OK, I’ve an idea, follow me”

Franz led Ilse to the back of an old mansion “Now the merchant who owns this and his family are away in Heidelberg and there is only an infirm housekeeper in residence”

“But won’t she notice my presence?”

“No, she can hardly climb stairs, so provided you keep quiet and stay on the upper floors no one will know”

Franz then pointed out a route over the stables that led to an upper floor window. “You go up though there, while I distract the housekeeper at the front.”

It was a simple climb up to the window and reasonably concealed. Ilse had no problem quietly slipping the latch on the window with her knife and as she entered she could hear the faint sounds of conversation downstairs. She then took stock of her location and headed toward what would be the servants stairs and ascended to the top floor. Here she found a well positioned room that gave a view onto the main square as well as an escape route across the roof.


Bluebear Jeff said...

Ah, the game is once more afoot. I will look forward to future posts.

-- Jeff

abdul666 said...

Resourceful and daring!