Saturday, 22 October 2011

The Emir

Von Barner was quite startled as he waited for his regular meeting with Baron Wilhelm. A silked robed oriental gentleman with a turban swept out of the Baron’s office and headed down the stairs. Looking back to the door, he saw the Baron “It’s the emissary from the Emir of Bling, he’s just agreed to but two thousand muskets and associated equipment at a good price Our agent in Rodos arranged the deal without the knowledge of the Porte”

“Indeed sire, but we have to be careful that we do not provide any excuse for the Sultan to attack the empire”

“Yes it is tricky to ensure that the goods and payment are not apparent to the Ottoman authorities, however our Levantine contacts have managed this fairly well in the past."

“and the Emir’s objectives?”

“Quite clearly Ali Clumpha intends to assert full control over his fiefdom without interference of the Porte.”

“Therefore distracting the Sultan from Europe and freeing up Imperial forces”

“He also left some oranges and dates, would you like to try some?”