Monday, 26 September 2011

Preparations for war

Discussions on the latest intelligence between Major Van Barner and Baron Von Altfeld were coming to and end.

“Well Major, what do you think of our preparations for war?” asked Baron Wilhelm.

“The preparations seem to be progressing well sir, General Wurst seems to have a firm grip on the situation and the attachment of the Battenberg Regiment will be useful”

“Yes, I’m glad the Count decided to loan us the regiment until the end of hostilities, I’m sure he’s got some arrangement with the Emperor. But tell me was my letter of introduction enough to get your daughter into Frau Wurmser’s academy?”

“Yes sir, very helpful”

“You do know I have my doubts about some of the families that attend the academy”

“As do I sir, and that is why I think Ilse might be able to discover something”

”Hmm, I trust your judgement, but will a mere slip of a girl suffice?”

“It’s exactly that, it means she won’t be noticed”

“And she’s happy doing this job?”

“It runs in the family sir.”

“Will she be starting straight away?”

“When the new term starts, sir”

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