Thursday, 17 November 2011

Finding the proof 4

Looking out of the room into the pitch black of the corridor Sparrow stepped back and lit her lantern. It was enclosed on all four sides so the light would only shine if a panel was opened and only shed a small amount of light though the ventilation holes. Typically it took several attempts for her flint to set it alight even given the slight addition of a touch of gunpowder.

Creeping though the corridors she found the back stairs and ascended to the main floor. Carefully looking out she spotted that several guards were on duty around the Grand duke’s chamber. Obviously his body was still lying in state there, before being taken to the Cathedral for the funeral. As a consequence it did mean she had little chance of gaining access to the Duke‘s office and checking the correspondence there. Creeping back to the stairs she climbed up to the servants’ quarters and then headed towards the west wing and its matching set of stairs.

The west wing was quiet with no sign of guards and Sparrow headed towards the Duchess’s chambers, this wing overlooked the place gardens and was normally used for family rather than guests. The Duchess’s suite comprised three rooms with a large reception room facing the flower garden with her bedroom to one side and her son Konrad’s to the other.

Entering the reception room Sparrow opened the shutter for a moment to spot the large writing desk she remembered. Then leaving the shutter slightly ajar she ensured that the heavy curtains were shut so no light could be seen by the outside sentries.

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