Monday, 21 November 2011

Escaping from the palace

Satisfied that she now understood why the Duke had changed the rules of succession Sparrow considered how to escape from the palace. Back the way she had entered was not possible as the rope would remain hanging and could be discovered before her contact could remove it. It might also risk him getting captured. It would have to be the window she had used before, but it was in the guarded area of the palace. Thankful for the servant’s uniform Ilse set off hoping to bluff her way past the sentries. On her way she found a tray left outside a room so she rearranged it with the cloth covering the porcelain and her lantern on top. Opening the shutter and picking up the tray she calmly head off. Turning the corner she surprised a weary sentry who quickly stood up and grabbed his musket before relaxing and saying “evening miss” before sitting back down on a bench outside the Duke’s office. Passing by with a quiet “good night” She continued on her way.

Uneventfully passing another sentry she neared the target room and shivered slightly remembering what had happened there before. Noticing a faint glow from the adjoining room she carefully opened the door, entered, then quietly closed it behind her. There was sufficient light from the windows so, so she put down the tray and blew out her lantern. There were voices in conversation and approaching the communicating door Ilse could hear the Count’s voice.

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Bluebear Jeff said...

Dare we guess that she listens in?

-- Jeff