Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Prussian spies?

Moving close to the door Sparrow heard “Very interesting but why are you prepared to provide this information”

A thin rasping voice replied “because it suits me to do so, and for the moment there is no conflict with my Prussian masters objectives and…”

“Here’s the money, it’s all there you don’t need to count it” and the sound of what must have been a heavy purse being dropped on a table.”

“It’s all there sir, a complete list of the forces promised by Frundsberg and Glowstein to support the Emperor, if requested, it even includes the newly formed Battenburg regiment”

A pause, then “Thank you, Katzwesel, It’s worse than I expected”

Ilse heard a noise and quickly hid behind the curtains. Moments later the door burst open and the thin voice was clearer now “I thought I heard something in here?”

Then the corridor door was thrust open and a Grenadier entered with his bayonet raised. Seeing the Count “Sorry sir, I thought there was trouble” and stood to attention.

“See Katzwesel, you are being too nervous, all you heard was the guard”

“Yes, but I survive because of my instincts”

“Hmm, I think we have concluded our business, guard, show this gentleman out”