Friday, 6 January 2012

The Ducal wake

The wake in the Ducal palace continued, everyone seemed prepared to drink the Grand-Duke’s cellars dry. Count Vladislav spotted his quarry, “Ah Major Fruhling, would you mind joining me and General Von Gessler for a quick discussion” The startled major was led through into an adjoining room where General Von Gessler was actually present.

"Ah Fruhling, glad you could spare the time, you realise of course that when the Grand-Duke’s will is read tomorrow, there might be a few surprises?”

“Yes sir, I presume that was why the Grand Duke made us swear to uphold his wishes”

“Also that your commander Colonel Preysing did not so swear?”

“But I think that was just a formality sir”

The General held out a piece of paper “Well, here is your commission to command the regiment should the Colonel fail to uphold this obligation. You will note that it is signed by the Grand-Duke himself. He gave it to me on the understanding that it was only to be used if Colonel Preysing’s loyalty was suspect”

“But sir, Colonel Preysing has always been loyal”

“That may have been true, but he has been in contact with enemy agents and can no longer be trusted. You will leave the party immediately and return to Illerkamp first thing in the morning and prepare the city for defence”

“But sir, it can’t be that bad?”

“I hope not, but we have to prepare for the worst, thank you Colonel Fruhling”

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