Tuesday, 3 January 2012

On to Welle

As she rode out from the camp, Ilse shouted to the Lieutenant “I forgot to mention that the bridging stores are slightly visible from Pommaine, you might wish to check how well they are hidden”

Ilse rode on, accompanied by the same corporal and dragoon as before. She had retrieved the papers and just wanted a moment to inspect them carefully, at a quick glance they seemed to be from an Alsatian despatch rider, but the message was obviously coded.

Before leaving she had quizzed the old Jaeger about his bet. He apparently had served under her father in America and firmly believed that the real odds were 50:50 otherwise why would she have challenged the Lieutenant? Besides it was well worth getting the Dragoons to bet against her at longer odds. Did he have the money to cover the bet? No but his lads would have helped out and now they would share in the winnings. But you’re only a private she had asked with a wink. He explained he’d been up and down to sergeant so many times over the years, the downs because of drink and gambling. Her father was the best officer he had ever served under and he asked Ilse to pass on his best wishes. And his name “Franz Knappe, miss”

As they approached Welle, The Corporal said “If you don’t mind miss, I’ll go ahead and report.

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