Monday, 30 January 2012

An early morning

Ilse, awoke and realised that she had slept in. It had been a while since she hadn’t tried to remain alert at night and she’d nearly missed her early morning appointment with the Colonel. Dressing quickly she dressed in as feminine a manner as possible, given her remaining clothing and made her way across to the barracks, hoping that her late arrival could be excused as being fashionably late. However, once she arrived, her honesty prevailed and she admitted she had overslept.

“Don’t worry my dear, your early arrival was not needed the message has been sent, we just have to wait for the reply. Now have you tried the local ham, it’s excellent with these fresh rolls and more coffee will arrive shortly”

The Colonel was obviously making an effort and Ilse felt obliged to make an attempt on the repast spread before her. It would not be easy as the landlord at the Weisse Rossl had provide her with a large meal the previous evening and she had overheard the Dragoons talking loudly of her fencing skills from the tap-room.

“Now, before my officers arrive, why don’t you try the chutney, it’s a new idea of preserving from India of all places and works well with our local fruit”

Ilse took a taste and looked shocked “Oh, no, I forgot to explain, you add it to your cheese or meat…. And perhaps the cook has been a bit enthusiastic with the hot spices as my officers like it that way”


Bluebear Jeff said...

Ah, I've missed these reports of her adventures.

Welcome back.

-- Jeff

Fire at Will said...

Your servant sir, more will follow now I am back from wet and windy Wales.