Saturday, 5 January 2013

Unwelcome visitors (3)

Major Gripple didn’t like what he could see, a small force of his men was blocking the road, but beyond there must be well, there must be, over four hundred cavalry.  The good news was that they were not acting aggressively, but that could mean they might be about to summon the city to surrender.  Putting such thoughts to one side he rode up to meet the person who seemed to be in charge who was conversing with the sergeant of the guard, who looked up as he approached.

Passing the sergeant he asked “Where’s Lieutenant Uston?”

“At the latrine sir, it must have been something he ate”

Turning to the obviously foreign commander he stated “I am Major Gripple of the Von Clemens Regiment and I would be pleased to hear why you have entered Pommaine”

“I am Sergai Orlov, Hetman of the Merkovan Host and I have brought my Cossacks to assist Pommaine at the direct request of Count Vladislav,  I have a letter of introduction here” and handed over a letter.

Quickly studying the letter, the major confirmed “Yes it seems in order, but we were not warned of your approach.  Would you like to accompany me to see Colonel Von Clemens to discuss how we can assist you?  Oh and please bring a along some of your officers.”

“Very well.”  Turning to the rider next to him “Micha tell the men to wait here and send Alexandr to accompany me”

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Bluebear Jeff said...

Interesting . . . we will await further posts to see what develops.

-- Jeff