Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Unwelcome visitors (4)

While the major waited for his visitors to organise themselves he had a look around at his troops and the progress on the fortifications. The northern suburb of Bruckewasser was not normally defended, as the river provided a more than adequate defence in that direction. However the Colonel had decided to build some light fortifications there to prevent any surprise attack and to reduce interference with the river traffic. It would consist of a ditch backed by an earth rampart. A shambling figure now came into sight, Lieutenant Uston.

The sergeant had also spotted him and his heart sank. The Lieutenant would probably give a different reason for his absence and he would be in trouble. The Lieutenant climbed the earth bank behind the ditch, saw the Major and waved before tumbling into the ditch.

Just then the Major heard a cough. “We are ready now Major”

“Very good, please accompany me”

As the Major passed the sergeant he called out “When you are relieved tell Lieutenant Uston that I would very much like to see him”

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Bluebear Jeff said...

Lt. Uston might find himself to be an "object lesson" for others . . . at least we can hope so.

-- Jeff