Friday, 16 September 2011

Furore in Vienna (2)

The Field Marshall paused for a moment as his aide a Colonel of Cuirassiers whispered in his ear. “Noble sirs, it appears that this young gentleman has an idea and pointed to the cadet behind the Colonel, now please tell us your idea”

Although he looked hesitant the cadet confidently stated “Sirs, I happened to have noted that there has been a minor frontier dispute between Kernow and Niersteiner Domtal and that they have both appealed to the Emperor to arbitrate in the issue. Of course, it is so minor, that normally….”

The Field Marshall cut in “Excellent thought young fellow, I understand your proposal and I endorse it fully. Sires, Niersteiner Domtal lies on the southern border of Pommaine and we could send a force there to assist an arbiter in enforcing his decision on the dispute. Somehow I feel that your idea was that the force should be sufficient to enforce the decision of both the parties.”

“Indeed sir”

“Sires, here we have a solution, a strong force of say 10,000 troops will be sent under General Kalterersee, he has a record in sorting out these disputes, and is well suited to managing the mission.”

As there was a murmur of agreement, the Emperor said “So it’s agreed, I just have two requirements, firstly that the force contains some of the unemployed Grenz to prevent them stirring up trouble with the Turks. Secondly this young fellow” waving his hand at the cadet.

“Radetzky, sir”

“should be found a suitable position.”

The colonel responded “I have a lieutenancy in my regiment that is available”

“Excellent” responded the Field Marshall “you’ll go far young fellow”


Bluebear Jeff said...

"Radetzky", eh? Perhaps he will go far as he marches away.

-- Jeff

Capt Bill said...

No good idea goes unrecognized...