Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Furore in Vienna (1)

Following the revelations of the “secret” Frundsberg report the members of the Imperial council are in uproar.

“Why wasn’t this discovered earlier?”

“This is consistent with what our agents have already seen in Prussia and Alsace

“Why did we get this information from a minor state, aren’t our agents any use?”

“The Prussians have always planned for this, ever since they stole Silesia

“It’s the Alsatians; it’s another chance for them to establish a foothold across the Rhine

Nobles, at this time we should not consider the causes of our current situation, but rather our actions” calmly stated the Emperor.

“Yes, invade Pommaine forthwith” shouted one member.

“No, invade Prussia

“Or Alsace

“Noble sirs, this is only intelligence not proven fact, we cannot take any definite action until there is clear evidence of a breach of Imperial protocol, without creating grave international consequences” stated the Reich chancellor

“The French will intervene again”

“But the French are bankrupt following the American war” stated the Finance Minister

“Field Marshall what are your views?” asked the Emperor

“Well sire, it’s too far from our territories to act quickly, so we need to find a means of getting a force close without causing an incident by their presence.”


Bluebear Jeff said...

And the story continues . . . I look forward to more soon.

-- Jeff

PatrickW said...

The plot thickens!