Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Off again!

“Sorry Sir, but Ilse’s slipped off again” explained Hans “I know you asked me to keep a special eye out, but somehow she disappeared?”

“It’s OK Hans, she did leave a note, apparently she felt that the evidence she had gathered did not fully explain the change in succession and she felt that she had to find out what it was!"

"An admirable or stupid action I can’t say, but this will be her last summer of freedom”

“Should I try and track her sir?”

"No Hans, I’m sure that you taught her all your tricks so you won’t be able to follow her. Besides I need you and the Aufklarungskorps to gather information on the status of Pommaine forces as it seems that war is imminent. Oh, and she did promise to be back in time for the new term at Frau Wurmser’s academy.

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PatrickW said...

Excellent! I was worried young Sparrow would fade into the background. Looking forward to how things develop.