Friday, 25 March 2011

Dark goings-on?

The teenager ducked back, but not quick enough. “I saw you!, get over here you idle wretch” shouted the housekeeper. The girl emerged sheepishly round the corner “Now take this warming pan straight up to the Duke’s chambers” she was commanded. Grabbing the handle she started to leave, but not swift enough to avoid a cuff.

Ascending the servant’s stairs she emerged on a long corridor, where a grenadier stood guard next to the Duke’s chamber. Thrusting the warming pan forward she approached the sentry, who seeing her approach held up his had to signify that she should stop and then knocked on the door. Moments later another grenadier opened the door from inside and seeing the pan, gestured for the servant to enter.

There was hardly any light in the room as the drapes were almost shut and the atmosphere was suffocatingly hot and stuffy. The Duke was propped up in bed and looked close to death. His physician Doctor Tölpel was present along with the Duchess.

The doctor looked up and told her to wrap the warming pan and place it under the covers next to the Duke. “We need to sweat the sickness out of him” he explained.

Stepping back the girl waited, seeing her still present the Duchess screamed “what are you still doing here?”

Curtseying she asked “Was there anything else ma’am”

“Yes, get rid of that” pointing at a full chamber pot.The girl left the chamber breathing a sigh of relief.

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