Tuesday, 22 March 2011

It’s in the family

As the General marched off, Von Barner pondered over his remarks. Yes, it must have something to do with the Duke of Pommaine’s family; hopefully that was the clue to the activities in Pommaine. The two oldest sons had been sent off to serve in the Prussian and Austrian armies as part of the Dukes policy of keeping a foot in both camps. Johan, the oldest had joined the Prussians and as a chip off the old block had become involved in various non- military enterprises. He, luckily? had been killed in action at Berbersdorf just after his deals involving the loss of a supply train had come to light. Karl, the next oldest, was a complete contrast and served with distinction and became a clear favourite of the Prince De Ligne and was currently in command of his regiment of Walloon Dragoons. Then there was Augustus, cast very much in the same mould as Johan, as the third son, he had been packed off to the church and had risen rapidly. He always seemed to be in the right place, especially when more senior clergy had apparently strayed from the path of righteousness and was now a Papal Nuncio, with aims to become a cardinal.

The two daughters had been a disappointment to the Duke, being quite plain and with not much inheritance they had only married minor nobles.

Then there was the Duke’s youngest Konrad, the only child of his second marriage to Maria of Courland, he was only eight and very little was known about his character, except that his mother spoiled him.

No it was unlikely that anything was happening in the short term within the family, Augustus was off sorting out the church in Ireland and with the possibility of a Cardinal’s hat he wouldn’t be interested in Pommaine. Karl was well established in the Austrian army and his succession looked secure.

No, this must be some left over from a deal set up by Johan; he would need to investigate further in that direction.

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