Sunday, 20 March 2011

Head of Intelligence

After the General and Major left the room, the General turned to the Major and asked how he was getting on in the job?

“Well it’s quite a change of style from regular soldiering, even compared to the Klein Kreig. But we have a lot of good agents out in the field and luckily they don’t need too much supervision, which means I can concentrate on analysing their reports and combining it with information from our traders and diplomats.”

“Excellent, and the family?”

“Good and not so good, Bettina my oldest has just dismissed our housekeeper, without consulting me I should add. She says she is perfectly capable of taking on the role and I believe she’ll be fine. However Ilse youngest is a complete tom-boy always up to something. I don’t know where she is half the time.”

“and Sergeant Schmidt who you took with you?”

“Oh Hans has been invaluable, trouble is my daughters dominate him, and Ilse in particular has persuaded him to teach her all the skills of a hunter.

“Well I’m sure it will all turn out well and that you won’t regret leaving the military life”

With that the General turned and headed for the Army Head Quarters leaving Von Barner puzzling over their discussion.


abdul666 said...

Ilse sounds full of promises...

Bluebear Jeff said...

I look forward to more of your posts, sir.

-- Jeff