Thursday, 31 March 2011

Out at night

Sparrow was worried. The last coded message asked for information on the Duke’s Will, in particular who would inherit the title. The palace was chaotic, with the Duke’s illness, no one seemed to be capable of making a decision and the servants were exhausted by the constant flow of visitors arriving to check on the Duke’s health. Guards now seemed to be posted everywhere only letting those they recognised to pass freely though the palace and watching almost every room. There was no longer any way of slipping around the building at night and entering rooms by picking locks. Therefore Sparrow decided to check another possible source of information.

Although the curfew bell had sounded, there were still quite a number of people on the streets, reflecting quite how strictly the curfew was really observed. Sparrow had slipped out of the palace by a ground floor window and was now heading towards Doctor Tölpel’s house.

A ground floor window was easily opened with a slim knife blade. The window was blocked by some heavy drapes, but they could be pushed away and Sparrow entered the house. This was the dinning room, so Sparrow exited the room into the main corridor. After trying several doors the dispensary was found. Slipping inside there was little light, but Sparrow had come prepared with a candle and tinder box so quickly there was enough illumination to investigate. Sparrow was amazed by the vast array of labelled bottles, but the desk was where any evidence could be found. After several false starts, a book revealed the details of various medicines the Doctor had provided to his clients. Flicking quickly through the pages Sparrow found the entry for the Duke. Taking a scrap of paper Sparrow copied the instructions.

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