Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Intelligence report

On receiving the latest intelligence report from Pommaine, Major Von Barner requested an immediate audience with Baron Wilhelm and General Wurst. After handing them copies and giving them sufficient time to adsorb the contents, he asked for their views.

The Baron opened “It’s quite interesting that they use the term defensive alliance and that the Duke has committed his heirs and their representatives.”

“It’s the composition of the Alsatian forces that is also of interest, there is double the amount of cavalry being supplied compared to infantry, and therefore compensates for the severe losses in that arm that Pommaine suffered in the Seven Years War. It means that they would be capable of putting an army into the field.” stated the General

“You see the dilemma gentlemen” said Von Barner “We don’t know what event is intended to be covered by this secret treaty, but from other sources I know that the Alsatians can’t afford to maintain their army at its current strength for very long, so whatever is planned it must be likely to occur within the next year or more likely 6 months”

“I also see that the Alsatians in return get immediate access to Bruckewasser for their Rhine river traffic, do you think they have any plans afoot downstream? asked the Baron.

“Nothing has been reported by our agents, but I have alerted them to the possibility”

“This agent, Sparrow, seems a pretty resourceful chap, he seems to have access to some useful information, long may it continue, if possible pass on our thanks”

“Yes Baron”

“and obviously we need to keep this knowledge confidential, thank you gentlemen”

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