Sunday, 12 February 2012

First meeting of the Regents

The three regents and General Von Gessler reconvened in the Morning room with guards posted outside the doors.

“I didn’t think it would come to this” sobbed the Grand-Duchess Mari
“Well the Grand-Duke did and that is why we are allied with Prussia and Alsace” expressed the General “We had hoped for a bit more time to get our allies into position, but we still have the advantage of the ground and our fortified cities”

“Is there anything I can do?” asked the Archbishop

“You could pray for victory and for the Ottomans to cause trouble for the Austrians”

“No I meant I could try negotiating with the Austrians”

“Too late for that, I’m afraid; the Ambassador must have had pretty specific instructions”

A couple of shots broke the momentary silence. Count Vladislav, walked to the window “A bad day for pigeons it seems. Our precautions seem to be working , no-one allowed in or out off the gates and game keepers and falconers ready to deal with any carrier pigeons. It may give us a couple of days extra to prepare.”

“I may be a man of the cloth, but why is there a red flag flying on my cathedral?” asked the Archbishop.

“What, exclaimed the Count. Guards, Guards!”

As the guards entered the room he count shouted at the officer in charge “Get to the cathedral immediately remove that flag and catch whoever is responsible”

“Hmm” expressed the General, “It seems our enemies anticipated our precautions, we need to be more careful”

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Bluebear Jeff said...

A signal. I say it is a signal, sir.

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