Saturday, 18 February 2012

Highwaymen (3)

As the coach neared Tonclot, the Driver turned to Ilse “could you hold the reins Miss, while I sound the coaching horn”

“No it’s OK, I can sound it what should I play?”

“One long and then two short blasts”

Ilse picked up the horn took a deep breath and sounded a long note, another breath and then two short ones”

“Good Miss, nice and loud, now wait a moment and sound it again”

By the time Tonclot came into view Ilse could see the Militia assembling.

Once they arrived the driver quickly explained what had happened and a couple of riders disappeared up the road to look for the missing Guard and any traces of the highwaymen.

Another rider headed off for Pappenheim with the news and two burley militiamen settled into the carriage with their equipment in case of further trouble. Ilse was glad she had decided to remain on top of the carriage. With another change of horses the coach was off.

Well Miss, if we’re lucky they’ll find Kurt and fix him up. You see he was new to the business and he grabbed the blunderbuss first and fired at too great a range. Now settle back and we’ll soon be in Pappenheim”

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