Tuesday, 28 February 2012

The talk of the town?

When Ilse knocked and then entered General Wurst’s study, Major Von Barner was shocked, was this smart young lady his daughter? It was quite a transformation.

The General responded before he could “Fraulein Von Barner, I’m glad to see my wife could find some suitable apparel for you and I must say it is more than suitable in my opinion”

“Thank you General, but I must say, I am puzzled by all this attention”

“Well I must let the Baron reveal what he might wish you to do for the Freistadt”

It was only a ten minute walk to the Baron Wilhelm’s residence in Pappenheim, but it took nearly a half hour to traverse the roads through this fashionable part of town. This was due to the large numbers of young gentlemen who insisted on stopping and passing the time of day.

Looking at his daughter as she responded to yet another gentleman passing the time of day the Major realised that she could be very attractive and yet dangerous as the highwaymen had discovered.

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