Friday, 24 February 2012

Smartened up

No sooner than they had stepped through the door of General Wurst’s house than Frau Wurst was there to greet them.

“Welcome Major, I see the problem, now young lady if you will accompany me”

“Father” queried Ilse

“We are going to meet the Baron and you have to be presentable, now go along with Frau Wurst and she will do the best she can in the limited time we can spare, I’ll be in the study with the General”

Having ascended to a bedroom, Frau Wurst looked Ilse up and down “ I don’t know if I can manage in the time. Now girl, don’t looked so frightened, just get out of those things, as you just look like a maid”

“But it was the best I had at the time”

“Of course, but now, give yourself a quick wash, while I find something suitable from my daughter’s clothes. Martha, where’s the hot water?”

“Coming Marm, have you heard the excitement about the highwaymen attempting to rob the Welle post-coach?”

“No! What happened?”

“Well they shot the guard, then this girl! Can you believe it! She took his place and killed lots of them”

“I only killed one!” exclaimed Ilse to their surprise. “and killed a horse….and knocked another off his horse”

“Well no wonder you need tidied up” expressed Frau Wurst “Now run along Martha and find a suitable bonnet as I don’t have time to wash and set this young ladies hair”

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