Friday, 3 February 2012

Grand Duke Otto’s Will (2)

Despite this action the Austrian ambassador remained standing “This Will is counter to Imperial law and is therefore invalid it is also clear that foreign influence is being applied”

The General had had enough and declared “Well run off to the Emperor and see what he really wants to do about it!!”

The Ambassador took out his kerchief and wiped his brow, “In which case I have the authority to announce that the Empire declares war on the usurpers of Pommaine and that Imperial forces will intervene to restore the rightful Grand Duke Karl”

There was a moments silence as the audience reflected on the Ambassadors statement, it was broken by the General exclaiming “Then we will fight for the rights of Grand Duke Konrad”

The Alsatian ambassador shouted out “Alsace will support the right of monarchs to name their successors” followed by the Prussian affirming the same.

The Austrian Ambassador who had remained standing throughout concluded “Well gentlemen, it seems there is nothing more to discuss here, if anyone wishes to reconsider their position I will be at my residence” with that he left the chamber.

Seeing that the event had come to a dramatic close the rest of the guests began to leave.

Turning to the Regents the General simply said “I think we should move to a quiet location and discuss our options”

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