Sunday, 3 April 2011

A Perilous Return

The task completed Sparrow carefully left the Doctor's house leaving no trace of entry. The streets were quieter now, but at least it was easy in the near dark to check for guards, who carried torches and then slip from alley to alley back to the palace.

“Got you, you little rascal! Thought you could sneak in and rob from the palace did you?” Sparrow was lithe and small and in the dark easily mistaken for a ragamuffin, but it was the Grenadier who had found the ground floor window ajar that made the mistake. Before anymore was said the Grenadier slumped his throat slit. Sparrow cursed quietly, they would trace the blood stains. After a moments thought, Sparrow discarded the blood soaked clothes and cautiously returned naked to the servant’s quarters. The clothes were untraceable, hopefully easily replaced, and a quick wash would remove any remaining traces of blood.

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abdul666 said...

Deadly reflexes! Avery... resourceful man.