Monday, 18 April 2011

The Duke's study

The Duke’s office was always guarded, even before the recent troubles, but the sentry just let Juli enter. The room was full of bookcases and tables and every flat place, including some of the floor, was covered in papers. Susanne, one of the senior maids looked up flustered, “Oh good you’ve been sent to help, now be careful. We have to clean, but the papers are not to be disturbed. Just lift them up, dust and replace them in exactly the same place” After a while an adjoining door opened and Juli heard a discrete male cough. Suzanne look across at Juli and said “Just carry on, do exactly what I said, and I’ll be back shortly” with that she entered the next room and shut the door. After what might have been a quarter hour Suzanne emerged looking flushed. Juli tried to look busy as the Count followed Suzanne into the room and pressed something into hand. Looking around he noticed Juli. “Ah I see you have help, quite a scrawny wretch, she needs to grow a bit before I can feed her to my grenadiers” with that he left and closed the door. “So Juli, I hope you haven’t moved anything out of place?” “No Suzanne”

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