Friday, 22 April 2011


The young servant was dragged out of the guardhouse, across the palace courtyard and into the barracks. He was flung through an open door onto the floor then dragged to his feet. Looking up he saw the Count staring at him across a desk.

“So, you rascal, we’ve caught you at last, thought you could give us the slip did you?”


“Yes it was fortunate some of my men were watching when you tried to run”

“But I was only going to find out what Juli was doing”

“That’s not what the cook said! Seemed you were too anxious to help with the shopping, and then ran as soon as you left the palace”

“What do you think Captain?” the Count turned to another officer.

“Yes, looks likely to me”

The Count placed some clothes on the desk, “Do you recognise these?”

“Yes, I mean no. They look like my spare clothes, but, but they are covered in blood, Oh!” Albert turned pale and collapsed on the floor.

“Right, Captain Pilsner, you carry on the interrogation, but don’t damage him too badly! Let me know what you find out. Oh, and don’t just let the men string him up for killing Sergeant Huber, I want to watch.

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