Saturday, 30 April 2011

Out by the front gate

Much earlier, Juli, walking up to the palace gate, boldly waved the note to the Sentry “I have to take this to Dr Tölpel”. She knew the guard was about to change shortly so the replacements would not notice her failure to return.

The sentry blinked and concentrated on the note, he slowly read the Addressee “Herr Doctor Tölpel. Do you know the way miss?”

“Yes it won’t take long”

Juli then calmly proceeded up the main road in the direction of the doctor’s. Once she was out of sight she turned off and headed towards the cathedral. As she skirted round the main square, filled with market stalls, she caught sight of the cook and Albert. Albert may have spotted her, so she headed down a side alley and then turned into another and another. She then waited patiently for several minutes. Slowly she reversed her steps keeping as inconspicuous as possible. As she returned to the corner of the first alley, she could just see Albert back in the main square in the firm grasp of one of the Schwartzgarde grenadiers, while the cook was in conversation with another.

Juli decided to make her way to the safe house through the back streets and hoped she wouldn’t get lost. She had been shown it briefly when she first arrived in Traunsburg and told only to use it when she needed to escape.

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